Collamask – for skin rejuvenation Italy – 50% discount – for skin rejuvenation Italy

This tool will save you a considerable amount of money on salons. Unique Collamask formula. Mask complex affects all layers of the skin, and helps to eliminate facial wrinkles, smoothes the skin, makes the complexion a cool and pleasant, eliminates large pores.

In Collamask composition contains active ingredients that penetrate all layers of the skin and reduced skin regeneration, normalize water exchange in the cells contribute to the production of collagen skin. The product is suitable for women over 25 years old.

With regular use Collamask with skin changes visible changes. In the first week of clear skin of dead cells, the complexion becomes fresher, the pores shrink greatly.

In the next couple of weeks, you will notice that the skin has become more elastic, the small wrinkles disappear. The next two weeks the skin is completely updated, there will be visible changes that will be visible to everyone. The effect of applying the mask is cumulative and you will like it for a long period of time.

The procedure for applying the mask will take about 20 minutes. It is recommended to choose a convenient time so that no one distracted. Applying a thick layer of mask is recommended. After 20 minutes, warm rinsing water composition, and the paper napkin residues moisture stain.

The recommended application rate - 6 weeks. Owners of dry skin mask mask should be applied twice a week for other skin types sufficiently weekly. As a result, studies have shown that Collamask does not cause allergies.

The mask is suitable for all skin types, because only natural ingredients in its composition. Among them:

Buy original Collamask original half only on the official manufacturer's website. You need to specify svvoy phone in the request form. The operator will call you back to clarify your order details.

You can ask for this from any further information or advice on using masks. Purchase means that the site can be a 50% discount.

Adolfo Estetista:

The main feature of money is its natural structure, which does not cause addiction or allergies. Collamask passed clinical studies, which is an important fact, because health is more important. After the treatment, the skin appears fresh and rested, receiving all the necessary nutrients and vitamins. The mask is suitable for all skin types.

Dermatologist Hercílio:

The application of a mask for customers, I noticed that promises are fulfilled masks manufacturers: inflammation decreases, slowing down the aging process and aging of the skin, acne disappears. It is a proven tool for me and my customers.

Bernadette, 42 years old:

The result of applying the mask I am very happy. My life has not been completely correct, I smoke, I do not get enough sleep, often, snacks in motion. My skin condition was also imperfect: persistent acne, flaccidity and dryness. I didn't have great hopes for the mask, just decided to try it out. This is an amazing tool! I'm 7 years younger Familiar always suspects me of a facelift, and congratulations. I myself can't get enough! “

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