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The sponge - the so-called onychomycosis - the identification of nail fungal infection can be divided into three groups:

To contract onychomykózou anyone can. Trend, mainly, patients with venózními with the violation of blood circulation in the lower limbs, diabetics, athletes, people who work in a warm and humid environment. A fungal infection degrades and degrades patients' quality of life. As a result, Fungalor deformed and modified in color nevzhledn? nails. At first, only a small color change occurs. A number of patients initially do not know that they can work on mykotickou's infection. Nails are brownish brownish b?lavou or nažloutlou. Later, manicure place zhrubne manicure, to flake and under the nail occurs so-called hyperkeratosis, which smoothes the nail bed nail and to improve the nail lámavosti.

For the first signs that occur under the free edge of the plate, and/or on the side walls. The infection continues Fungalor in the Fungalor pharmacy to spread inside, from where it can continue to spread into the environment of the skin, then into other parts of the body. Spores can survive in odlupujících with skin cells, which are the cause of the spread of infection, thanks to the ability to communicate with them through soil, clothing and hygiene products. Contamination can occur through direct person-to-person contact, or indirectly through contact with reverse infectious diseases. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid wet service in the Fungalor in pharmacy common areas, such as swimming, changing rooms, sauna, Fungalor showers, etc. It is important to keep your feet dry, clean, away from inkriminovaným places. Fungal infection is highly contagious disease and have a course, a tendency to recurrence. Limit the patient during walking, shoes, and accompanied by very unpleasant feelings. In order to avoid deterioration of the condition, need timely and long-term care. www. Fungalor. fr

The patient suffers from onychomykózou has been in the past Fungalor has been for prolonged purpose of local application of a variety of Fungalor antifungálních pharmacy ointments, lotions and creams, but the fungi are stored in the lower layers of the nail, not zasáhnuté and disease, so often repeated. Nails and skin, because to return on the street and with leukocytes, partly by the cells, and had applied to the medicine, as well as fungi are located in the deep layers of nails and skin Fungalor with the help of an effective local treatment is not to intervene. Therefore, systemic therapy is considered to be the most effective form of treatment, especially for large and recidivujících onychomykózách.

The system of forms of treatment related to Fungalor pharmacy legislation, health, and on the assessment of the doctor, treatment is applied. Health care in the antimykotik system is important, especially because of a certain Fungalor in pharmacy many side effects, which with one of these drugs carry. www. Fungalor. fr

In some cases, you may refuse Fungalor local antimykotiky pharmacy. The choice of treatment depends on the extent of the fungal disease, the authors of the disease and the interactions with other drugs that the patient or user uses. Leverage effect of her friend's towel, a cat, records wanted in the premises of the soul... so can catch fungal disease of the skin and nails. In this question, we communicate us more explanation and wise practice. Elena Jan?ová from the Fungalor therapeutic practice of the?eháka Professor's Clinic in Prague 5.

From the ringworm of the skin, called by microscopic fungi Fungalor pharmacy - they are distributed on yeast and fibrous (dermatofyta). The most common mykotických pathogen of Fungalor disease include yeast, a fungus Candida albicans, which concerns it, especially mucous membranes (oral and genital), but in the folds of the skin. Clinical symptoms dermatofytových infection, usually, symptoms on the legs, especially in meziprstí, then, on the Fungalor pharmacy hands, chest. www. Fungalor. fr

Infection Fungalor infection spreads through direct contact with an infected person, or local shared objects (sheets, sex, location). The most Fungalor krem often našlápnutím most infectious oddrolených skin grains with the Fungalor feet of people who suffer from fungal diseases. These unchangeable infectious grains contain the germs Fungalor notice of mold

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