History of Green Tea in China

It seems to us that tea has been around all the time; and we seldom think about the origin of this healthy drink. But the history of green tea is really fascinating. Tea has come a long way before appearing on our table.

The scientists have come to the conclusion that the original tea plant appeared around 60 000 – 70 000 years ago. There is no precise information of its origin. The opinions of scientists are diverse. One group of scientists believes that the motherland of the green tea is China, others think it is India, the third group presumes that neither India nor China is the origin country; one more opinion is that some types of the tea appeared in Tibet, others – in China.

While the scientists are trying to find the truth, there are beautiful legends how people got acquainted with green tea. One of the legends tells us about the ancient mythological Emperor, who ordered his servants to boil some water in a huge pot. When the water was boiled, the wind brought several tea leaves. Water got a shade of pleasant color, had a wonderful taste and magnificent fragrance. The Emperor liked it so much that ordered his servants to drink it all the time.

Some scientists are sure that green tea was mentioned for the first time in the works of Shennong, the legendary ruler of China. Green tea became more and more popular, which was the reason for the study of its benefits for health. In ancient China the green tea was used for the better sight and for healing rheumatism.

During the Thee Kingdom Period (220-280) green tea appeared in the Emperor’s court. Green tea from the hands of the Emperor was considered the greatest favor. Soon green tea became a part of household of every Chinese person. It became the national drink and, consequently, the commodity. As a result of this popularity, the length of the tea plantations was growing with every year. The time of the Tang Dynasty is the period of the green tea flourishing in China. In this period the first hieroglyph for the “tea” appeared.

Right now there is no country that can compete with China in the diversity of tea varieties. The tea plantations occupy the huge territories in China and millions of people are involved in the tea industry.

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