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It seems that there is nothing easier than brewing tea. But there are so many factors involved in this process which influence the taste and the aroma of the tea that it is important to pay attention at least to some of them. There are many ways and traditions of different countries how to brew green tea. But there are several simple rules that are easy to follow. One of the most important things in brewing good green tea is the water that you are going to use. In China the spring water is considered the best for the tea drinking, but, of course, in our modern life of huge cities the spring water is something that we can only dream about. So, try to use at least filters for the water.

The temperature of the water for tea also matters. In sophisticated Chinese culture, there are 16 stages of water boiling; each of them suggests the certain action. But of course it is very difficult to pay attention to all these aspects, so just try to remember that the water should be 140 F – 190 F. For the second brewing the temperature should be a little bit higher and the brewing should take less time. It is very important not to use too hot water, as it destroys almost all benefits of green tea.

Your next step will be to put tea leaves into a teapot and add the hot water. One little tip: take a napkin and cover the spout of the teapot, it will preserve the aroma of tea. One of the major mistakes that people make is brewing green tea for the same time as the black one. But the truth is that 3-5 minutes is enough, to wait longer means to lose the benefits of green tea. The brewing according to these simple and basic rules will help you to enjoy delightful tea with the incredible aroma and great taste.

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